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Kettlebell workouts, beginner workouts

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Kettlebell Kings Presnets: The Kettlebell Half Swing – Part of Our 4 Week Beginner Training Course

This is from: http://blog.kettlebellkings.com/kettlebell-sport-4-week-beginner-training-program Kettlebell Kings has created a 4 Week Beginner Training Program for...


Unilateral Workout with ValSlides & Kettlebell Beginner Home Workout

http://www.kettlebellfatlosstraing.com http://www.facebook.com/AndersonTrainingSystems Quick and effective home workout focusing on full body fat loss that can be done...


Beginner Mind Kettlebell Swing #6 – the Powerswing and full swings

Powerswings is the final step before you start doing consecutive swings. The powerswing is a great learning tool in these early stages but will also become a powerful...


kettlebell goblet squat for beginners

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Beginner and intermediate kettlebell exercises

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I Knew You Were Trouble Burpee Kettlebell Pyramid Burnout! POP HIIT 8

No kettlebell? Do walking lunges with hands behind your head! I explain more on http://bit.ly/iknewyouweretroublewo. Good luck! Follow the workout calendar here...


Kettlebell Kings Presents: Intro To Kettlebell Sport Training Program

This is from: http://blog.kettlebellkings.com/kettlebell-sport-4-week-beginner-training-program Subcribe to YouTube Channel for more workouts and technique breakdowns!...


Kettlebell Swinging Kids

Darius Gilbert R.K.C. has his kids swinging. source Spread the...


Kettlebell Workout for Beginners | Extreme Weight loss Workout

This workout, combines the benefits of dumbbell training with a high intensity cardio workout to help you build muscle, increase power and get lean—all in just a few...