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Whole Body Stretching Sequence

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses. It has its origins in one of the many ramifications of yoga, called Hatha Yoga Integral....



my vegan story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvUu5KK3KWU&t=4s let me know in the comments what you want to see next! i’m here to help feel free to contact...


This Is how B-town actresses are training to get Perfect Bodies!

We all know that there’s immense pressure on Bollywood celebs to look their best at all times and keep their bodies in shape. And they do everything they can to...


Yoga Snack for Shoulder, Side Body, Chest, Back & Neck Stretch{8 mins}

🙏 Join me online and build a personal meditation practice! https://www.theyogaranger.com/developing-your-meditation-practice.html 💕 Today’s yoga snack is a...


MY NEW DIET + Full Day Of Eating Vlog | Shoulder Workout | Max Wolf Fitness

Shoulder & Arm Workout: Shoulder Press | 8×12 Rear Delt Fly | 3×30 Front Raise | 3×30 Lateral Raise | 3×30 Hammer Curl | 3×30 Tricep...


Home abs workout…..

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Episode 9 – Barbell and Machine Workouts with Steve Maxwell

Listen and subscribe at: www.TrainforLongevity.com In this episode we interview Steve Maxwell about his new machine and barbell workout program. We also talk about the...


HOME WORKOUT | Upper Body Dumbbell Part 2 | ZKZ Fitness

Many people have given up on the idea of being fit after struggling to find time for the gym, being tired of the traffic, busy schedules and have tried and tested...


100 REP CHALLENGE | For Glutes & Legs

Hey guys, I’m back with another 100 rep challenge! It’s getting cold now so going to the gym isn’t always possible SO here’s a quick workout you...


Vlog Calisthenics Torino-COMPETIZIONI

Vlog della gara con tutti i ragazzi che ho portato a Torino della Physical fitness. Manco 4 mesi che si allenano e si sono preparati in 2! il risultato? guardate il...